Bring your brand’s opportunities into sharper focus

Expanding into new markets. Serving more patients. Increasing adherence. Reformulating compound delivery or highlighting secondary indications. These are just some of the opportunities you need to assess to grow your brand, from development to maturity.

Brand Strategy and Management

Harness the IQVIA CORE™ to achieve more confident insights into key commercial decisions.

  • Evaluate pipeline viability, potential investments and commercial opportunities and risks across the life of your brand.
  • Benefit from experience with more than 370 launches since 2009 and a series of ready-to-implement solutions to improve commercial performance.
  • Identify market access hurdles, including costs and risks, licensing and pricing, regulations and valuations.
  • Connect with experts in multiple therapeutic areas, with deep knowledge across clinical and commercial functions to get a fresh perspective.
  • Address future patient needs, product development issues, geographic and product-line expansion, go-to-market execution or growth potential.

Realize new opportunities for your brand.

Patent Intelligence
Have your  own team of patent experts, right at your fingertips.
Product Pipeline
Create a new level of R&D confidence. Extend your product’s life cycle and be ready for what’s next in the pipeline.
Segmentation Strategies
For different people, different audiences with a variety of needs and challenges, messaging is stronger when it’s more relevant, and when it feels more personal.