Know local intricacies and global trends

Make sure your marketing and sales force strategies are hitting the right targets. Understand the factors driving prescribing patterns. Capture timely information on product sales, pricing and volume.

IQVIA delivers the sales, prescription, HCP and treatment trend information you need to make the most important decisions for your brand and your business. Get relevant information at the global, regional and local level in 100+ developed countries and emerging markets. Strengthen your business intelligence or customize your commercial strategies and execution.

  • Assess markets with granularity. Tailor your strategies based on factors unique to each market, region, province or country.
  • Align and deploy with precision. Understand the competitive dynamics in local and regional markets. Then deploy your sales teams against local customer profiles, market segments and targeted territories.
  • Access daily, weekly or monthly reports to ensure your decisions are always based on the most up-to-date information.
  • Make more informed decisions. Gain unmatched breadth and depth with national prescription audits, sub-national prescriber profiles, disease area details and more.
  • Get actionable foresight. Understand macro trends shaping markets, and the micro-environments impacting your performance.


Let us help you use geographic insight to optimize your commercial effectiveness.
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