Clearer, more compelling support to demonstrate the value of your product

Even if your objective seems clear–demonstrate the value of your product – it is rarely a simple task. That is because there is no single story or piece of evidence when you speak to audiences around the world: regulators, health technology assessment (HTA) bodies, payers, providers and patients.

IQVIA accelerates your results while easing the complexity by developing health economic modelling solutions to support market-specific reimbursement, market access optimization, and high impact scientific publications.

We can help you with our

  • International network to deliver local solutions with global oversight
  • Ability to leverage real-world evidence in HE modelling – access to the most comprehensive prescription and patient-level data available
  • Therapeutic and cross functional expertise (R&D, PMA, Epi etc.) for scientifically rigorous and commercially relevant HE solutions

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